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  • partner-intera

    INTERA Technology Park

    Intera is a non-governmental organization established with the aim of encouraging and supporting the development of economic processes in the region of Herzegovina.

    Activities to promote entrepreneurship, support and incubation of start-up companies, providing education, networking companies - all expressed in two words: technology park.

    Services of Intera are the following:

    • Offices(with WIFI, air conditioning, parking)

    • Business Incubator

      • Mentoring and advising in the development of the business model and plan in key areas (technology / services, partners, customers, competition, finance, time frame, obstacles).

      • Space to work with ultrafast Internet access and the company of other hard-working people.

    • Training and Education

      • Internship program; the program includes training and gaining practical experience in the field of technology, methodology and programming skills, to work on real projects

      • Projects

      • Workshops

    • Internationalization

      Faster and easier establishment of business relationships between companies in the region with companies from abroad is the main mission of the business window.

    See more at: http://www.intera.ba

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  • partner-bizspark


    Microsoft® BizSpark is a global program designed to help accelerate the success of early stage startups by providing key resources when they need it the most:

    Software. Receive fast and easy access to current full-featured Microsoft development tools, platform technologies, and production licenses of server products for immediate use in developing and bringing to market innovative and interoperable solutions. There is no upfront cost to enroll.

    Support. Get connected to Network Partners around the world — incubators, investors, advisors, government agencies and hosters — that are equally involved and vested in software-fueled innovation and entrepreneurship who will provide a wide range of support resources.

    Visibility. Achieve global visibility to an audience of potential investors, clients and partners.

    As a Microsoft BizSpark member, you’ll be tapping into a rich, vibrant ecosystem of peers, partners and support resources around the globe, helping you grow and succeed. Microsoft BizSpark is the quickest way to get your Startup fired up.

    See more at: https://www.microsoft.com/bizspark

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  • partner-imaginecup

    Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014

    Imagine Cup is a global student technology program and competition that provides opportunities for students across all disciplines to team up and use their creativity, passion and knowledge of technology to create applications, games and integrates solutions that can change the way we live, work and play.

    This competition offers three main categories: games, innovation and world citizenship.

    See more at: https://www.imaginecup.com

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  • Business Tuesday - IT in education

    Business Tuesday on "IT in education“ was successfully held yesterday at INTERA TP. Its aim was to encourage innovative ways of using information technology as a holder of positive changes in the education system.

  • 7 Best Startups From Bosnia And Herzegovina

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very interesting country from the perspective of new business formations. Regardless of the tough economic situation, there are energetic and creative young people in Bosnia who are launching really interesting startups.

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